Tag After School Apk v9.6 (Mod.full Game) Download For Android

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8 january 2024
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Tag After School APK is a thrilling Android game that transforms the simple game of tag into a virtual playground of excitement. Players can compete with friends or strangers online, unlocking characters, power-ups, and levels as they outrun opponents. The game offers endless customization options, promising an epic adventure through the haunted halls of a Japanese school and tag After School feels like watching an anime movie unfold. The game controls are user-friendly, allowing players to guide Shota-Kun through various actions with a simple click.

what is Tag After School

Tag After School requires more than just quick reflexes. Survival demands a combination of wit and strategy. Players must navigate through puzzles that challenge their cognitive abilities while avoiding traps set by the ghosts that haunt the schools. Finding the right balance between problem-solving and evading spectral adversaries is crucial for success.

The game’s visual and audio elements contribute significantly to its immersive quality. The graphics transport players to the heart of the school, while the haunting sound effects create an atmosphere charged with suspense. Together, these elements elevate the gaming experience, making it both visually and aurally captivating.


Surviving in this haunted school requires more than just luck. Players must be agile and vivacious, using their wits to solve puzzles and navigate through the treacherous halls. Ghost traps are scattered throughout the game, adding an element of surprise that keeps players engaged and challenged.

Tag After School strikes a delicate balance between horror and gameplay visuals. The inclusion of adult images serves to intensify the eerie atmosphere, immersing players in a world where every shadow could hide a ghostly presence this horror simulation, players need to hone their survival skills. Quick thinking and strategic planning are crucial to overcoming the challenges posed by the ghost characters. Tag After School is not just a game

Features of tag after school apk


Embark on the journey of Shota-Kun, a timid schoolboy facing a nightmarish challenge. The game unfolds a gripping storyline as Shota-Kun confronts his fears in a haunted school. Your role is crucial in helping him navigate the perils, making every decision count in this immersive narrative.

Many Obstacles

Survival in the game requires more than just courage. Navigate carefully, avoiding obstacles and enemies that lurk in the shadows. Your ability to steer clear of challenges determines your fate in the haunted school.

Haunted School

The expansive school setting invites exploration. Search different rooms for valuable items like torches and batteries. Encounter a guide girl who assists in your journey, providing crucial insights on when to stop or move forward.


No need for complex maneuvers here. “Haunted School Adventure” boasts simple controls, ensuring everyone can partake in the spine-tingling experience. Play with ease using just your fingers, immersing yourself in the haunting atmosphere without any hassle.

Riddles and Clues

Prepare for a mental challenge as the game introduces mysteries and puzzles. Pay close attention to clues scattered throughout to solve riddles, a necessity to progress. Unravel the secrets within the haunted school using your wit and intellect.

Engaging Visuals

Immerse yourself in the game’s world with visuals designed to heighten the horror and terror. The carefully crafted graphics contribute to the overall atmosphere, enhancing the immersive experience that “Haunted School Adventure” promises.

Player Interaction

Break free from the passive gaming experience. “Haunted School Adventure” encourages active participation through decision-making. Your choices significantly impact the unfolding narrative, making your journey uniquely interactive.


Get ready for heart-pounding challenges that will test your skills and nerves. Each obstacle presents a thrilling experience, keeping the suspense alive. Face the unknown with anticipation and excitement.

How to Download and install Tag After School mod apk

  1. Head to the website apkdmod.com and download the latest version of tag After School mod apk.
  2. Before installing, ensure your device allows installations from unknown sources. You can find this option in your device’s settings under “Security.”
  3. Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the modded application.
  4. Once installed, launch the app and enjoy the enhanced After School experience.


tag After School just a game and engaging storyline, and impact on cognitive skills make it a standout choice for puzzle game and engages the player, and offers a unique blend of entertainment and education. Its engaging storyline, coupled with the enhancement of cognitive skills, positions it as a standout choice in the realm of puzzle gaming.

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